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Upon a successful sign up, you’ll be taken to our account submission form where you’ll enter target details. You’ll tell us about your account, goals, and the niche you’re looking to target!


We look over your form and do our own research, narrowing down the exact target audience you’re looking for to ensure maximum organic Instagram growth.


Growth begins. We start to drive traffic to your page by engaging with people active in your niche. That way, you’re receiving organic Instagram growth from relevant users.


You’re all set. Sit back and relax and watch your Instagram growth increase naturally each and everyday!


The Blockchain Safe™

Your privacy matters and your information will always stay safe.

The Quick Starter™

You will notice results within the first 24 hours of sign-up, we’re that confident.

The Data Analytics™

As we’re growing your page, we also give you advanced analytics to track your growth.

The Email Guides™

Knowledge is power. You’ll always be getting the most up-to-date Instagram tips & tricks.

Start Up Campaign

Instagram Growth Service
  • Same Day Results
  • Market Research Included
  • Increase Leads & Sales
  • International Service
  • High Priority Support
  • Quality Growth Guarantee
  • 100% Manual Growth
  • Cancel Anytime


Service Description:


The best starter campaign for any account looking to start growing. This marketing campaign will grow your personal, business, or niche related account. Our team will find your exact target audience and engage with them to drive targeted traffic right to your profile. 


Campaign Statistics:

Average Growth: 20 – 40 Followers / Day


Enhanced Campaign

Instagram Growth Service
  • Same Day Results
  • Market Research Included
  • Increase Leads & Sales
  • International Service
  • High Priority Support
  • Quality Growth Guarantee
  • 100% Manual Growth
  • Cancel Anytime


Service Description:


This growth campaign is the level above the start-up plan in terms of growth speed. A smart choice for those looking to grow faster. Our team will dedicate more time and resources into growing your account than the start-up campaign. 


Campaign Statistics:

Average Growth: 40 – 80 Followers / Day

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You have Questions?

We have Answers

Do you work with all countries?

Yes! Our service is avaialble in all countries.

Do you use software or bots to grow my account?

The Millennial Marketers does not use any software or program to achieve growth for your account. Growth is all done manually, without the assistance of software by your dedicated account manager. Because the work we do is human powered, your account will be serviced during normal business hours.


Below are the 3 terms set forth by Instagram pertaining to how Instagram must be used, and our response to them:

  1. Ensure your comments are uniquely tailored for each person. Don’t post unauthorized commercial communications or spam on Instagram. – The Millennial Marketers does not leave comments on the behalf of clients, as we would never want to misrepresent the client, or leave generic comments that could be seen as spam.
  2. “Add something unique to the community. Don’t use the Instagram Platform to replicate or attempt to replace the functionality or essential user experiences of or any of Instagram’s apps.”  – The Millennial Marketers engages with content that matters to you on your behalf. Each post that we like, and each profile that we follow is hand selected by your account manager to foster authentic community activity. The Millennial Marketer’s services will not “replace the functionality or essential user experiences of or any of Instagram’s apps.”
  3. “Don’t participate in any “like”, “share”, “comment” or “follower” exchange programs.” – The Millennial Marketers does not offer services that involve “like”, “share”, “comment”, or “follower” exchange programs. The Millennial Marketer’s focuses solely on engaging with likeminded individuals. There is guarantee that the service will grow your account. Your account will grow if the Instagrammers we engage with are genuinely interested in your content without any incentive outside of their interest in your account.

What is an Action?

An action is a like, follow, comment, or unfollow. Although the manual actions per day that we perform are not high like many services out there, it’s the right way to go with your account. Instagram hates spam, we all do. As a part of Instagram’s community, we only engage with quality content manually. We ensure that your daily actions are used by engaging with the right users with the highest likelihood of interaction. Our goal is to foster authentic community activity to grow your account naturally. In addition, our service does not include commenting on your behalf. This simply takes too much time to manually do, and leaving emojis or generic compliments such as but not limited to “great picture” is seen as spam. 

How do you grow my Instagram Account?

Our service is simple.

We login to your account and begin interacting with a select number of people daily in your niche/target audience. For example, if you’re a personal trainer we would focus on engaging with people that have recently uploaded photos at a gym nearby using a gym geotag. We engage with users for you manually through liking recent content (photos/videos) that gets uploaded in your niche. If we see a profile that has similar interests we may temporarily follow the profile.

Do you work with all accounts?

No. We may reject your order based on our discretion. Your account must follow Instagram’s terms and conditions. Profiles containing spam posts, X-rated content such as complete nudity, or anything promoting the use of illegal drugs, suicide, or violence will be rejected from our service and reported to Instagram.

How fast will my account grow?

It depends. There are so many niches on Instagram, and some are larger than others which means certain niche profiles grow faster than others. Our goal is to provide you quality followers over time, rather than irrelevant followers that won’t interact with your content which will actually hurt your page more than it will do good.

Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

No Contracts or Hidden Fees. We run our business the right way.

Is your service safe?

We are proud to say that we’ve never had a client lose their account. We pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and industry leading service quality. Through our quest to provide unparralleled organic growth, we also are proud to say that our service is compliant with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Instagram.

How often should I post?

Post Quality. If you have nothing to post, it’s best not to post anything, simple as that. Ensure all of your posts are relevant to your theme/overall page aesthetic. Don’t upload daily because you believe it will help you grow faster, it won’t. Instagram pushes quality content through its news feed and explore page.

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