Here's Why Instagram is a Better Platform Than Snapchat for Marketing 1 year ago

Let’s face it, Snapchat is dying. With bad update after bad update, and the final punch to
the gut with Snapchat’s redesign, Snapchat has been killed off. To make matters worse
for Snapchat, Instagram is thriving. Instagram has chosen to listen to its users follow the
path that millennials are on, creating updates that are relevant, easy to use, and helpful.
Instagram is slowly becoming the ultimate marketing platform, here’s why.

If you want to start a clothing brand, you can do it off Instagram. Instagram has given the
ability for users to go to an online shop through a link on the post itself. Someone
interested in your account just has to scroll through your posts, see which one he/she
likes, click on the post, and they are instantly sent to your shop to purchase the item.

With Snapchat, you don’t have any options even close to that, let alone a profile.

Back with Instagram, you have the ability to advertise instantly, and you have numerous paths to choose. You
can post a picture or video, something that will stay relevant consistently, or you can
post something on your Instagram story that will be relevant for the day. If you want it to
be faster than that, through one click of a button you can be streaming live instantly to
everyone that follows you. With so many avenues to choose from, it is amazing top
companies aren’t jumping onto the platform sooner.

The time to act is now. Everyone still has the ability to use the powerful tool that is
Instagram to market their business they are trying to start up. However, not everyone can afford to pay upwards of a dollar per click. That’s why we’re here to help. We drive traffic to your page by just engaging with people in your niche. We build connections, foster relationships through liking, and allow you to get traffic for a great price.  Anyone has the opportunity
to become successful through the use of Instagram. If  you’re a new company just starting
out, with our help, you have the ability to grow organically and efficiently. Getting yourself  in front of the millions of users on Instagram and potential clients  giving you the power of Instagram, right at your fingertips with a great team to back you.

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Why Your Business Needs Influencer Marketing 2 years ago

There’s no stopping influencer marketing. It’s the future of marketing. The brands that ignore it are already starting to feel the negative effects on their brand.

These days brands that are targetting millennials are going on social media to advertise. However, we don’t mean simply paying for ads through facebook or Instagram. We’re talking about influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is working with someone that has a lot of followers on social media, and having them endorse your product. This essentially gives your brand instant validation among the loyal followers the influencer have.

Ever heard of word of mouth marketing? Yep. That’s exactly what influencer marketing is (in a way). Here’s an example. You follow your favorite photographer, and they upload a video with their brand new camera from a new company. You hear them raving about it on their social media constantly. Are you going to be more fond of this camera? Psychology says yes. Due to the fact that the autohority in the niche is posting about this camera, it gives the camera way more validation than if you just saw an advertisment for it.

That’s because influencers have trust. They’re real people. They’re not an ad with paid actors. They simply post or talk about your product across their social media channels, and people will learn about it through that. It’s simple. Just like word of mouth marketing. That’s exactly why you should use it. Not only will you be able to reach the millennial demographic, but your content will spread & fast. Why? Because the thing about social media, it’s easy to share content with others. People will instantly tag their friends on your post if they find it interesting, and that gives you an even larger reach.

Over the course of the next week, we will be continuing to post more about influencer marketing and how it can help your business and instagram growth.

How Gymshark used Influencer Marketing to accelerate their Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Gymshark is one of the most well known fitness brands in the social media world.
However, they weren’t able to accomplish this feat without using influencer marketing to maximize their Instagram growth. Influencer marketing has become one of the most viable sources of promoting a brand. The best part is, it’s affordable (sometimes). In Gymshark’s case, they signed a few influencers to get started. The first influencers Nikki Blackketer and Lex Griffin, started it all. They began representing themselves as Gymshark athletes, who wore the brand exclusively. This increased Gymshark’s brand awareness tremendously.  From this point on Gymshark continued to acquire new faces to represent their brand.

The way they used influencer marketing isn’t special, in fact, anyone could do it. First, they would find a person with a loyal following. Next, they ensured the person was right for the brand. After, they’d reach out and sponsor the athlete. In return the athlete would wear Gymshark and post about the brand publicly on social media, as well as insert a reference to their relationship with Gymshark in their Instagram bio which had an Instagram growth acceleration effect on both the influencer and the brand.

Eventually, sales increased as Gymshark grew and more people started wanting to wear the brand because they saw their favorite fitness Instagrammers wearing and representing Gymshark.

That allowed Gymshark to sign more people that fit their brand, and continue pushing their brand to the loyal fitness audiences that these influencers had.

The overarching message here is that utilizing influencers to represent your brand is necessary. The key is to find people who’s ideas and values align with your brand. Us Millennial Marketers wanted to discuss this because not everyone is using influencer marketing to their advantage. The smartest way to go about hiring an influencer is through finding a new face, and tracking their growth. The strategy is to look for up and coming talent. That way, if you sign them while they’re at 100k followers they may double, triple, or quadruple their followers while still being in contract with your business!

3 Apps Every Instagrammer Needs 2 years ago

Are you looking for apps that will help you create the best content? Look no further. We have the solutions.

1.Pic Lab

If you haven’t heard of PicLab then you’re missing out big time. PicLab is a user friendly mobile app that allows you to add fonts over your photos as well as a few other cool features. You can choose between dozens of fonts to find the perfect font design for your image. You can also edit the sizing and shading with this app. It’s definitely a great editing app to have in your arsenal.

2. EZ Watermark Pro

EZ Watermark pro allows you to add your logo directly to an image. It’s simple, quick and effective. This will help you distinguish your content from others because you will stand out with your branded photo. You’d be shocked at how many instagrammers neglect branding their images and content and that’s a huge problem.

3. Reddit

This one may surpirse you. Reddit is one of the best platforms out there to find content on. Here at Millennial Marketers, we highly advocate for creating the best content possible, and not all of us have only original content to post. So reposting content from reddit can be super beneficial! Just check out the subreddits in your niche, and check up on them daily. You can find tons of content just by going to the top posts for the year in a sub reddit, and searching through the most popular posts. You’re guarenteed to find repostable content!

For entrepreneurs, check out the entrepreneur subbredit and you’ll find great stories to repost, as well as other interesting content. Not only will you find content, but you will learn something new everyday from simply browsing through the posts. It astonishes us how many people neglect reddit. It truly is the front page of the internet.



Instagram Infographics: The Best Content on Instagram 2 years ago

Everyone Says Content is King..It is (with Infographics)

The issue is, not many people understand what it takes to create good content anymore. The days of throwing a caption over a pretty picture are behind us. That’s so 2014. If you’re trying to really improve your content, try investing some money into Instagram infographics. The best resource available to create an infographic would be through Fiverr, an online marketplace where you can hire talent for a great price.

The reason why posting Infographics on Instagram will boost your Instagram growth, and increase your engagement is because they haven’t been seen before. It is brand new content that is customized to your page. Infographics combine text, with images to create a picture that tells a story. It’s an attractive way to get your points across, and makes for a pleasurable viewing experience.

Instagram infographics do come at a cost though, with some ranging from $5 – $20 for a single graphic. However, the more you pay, the better the design will be which will ultimately give you better content. Due to the fact that it can be quite expensive, we recommend throwing at least one infographic into your weekly posting routine. You’ll notice the benefits immediately. Not only will you gain more engagement, but people may even repost your content. When that happens, things turn from good to great. Why? Because you’ve not only captivated your audience but you have also made such a great impression that they are willing to share it with their friends directly through their own Instagram page. Usually, you’ll have them tag you as well, which drives more traffic to your page and that equals more followers.

If you need help getting creative before jumping into the infographic game, we recommend the “5 Steps” or “5 Ways” approach. You can list 5 things your company does to help clients, or 5 steps to achieving something, perhaps the 5 steps your company takes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction! With that being said, we hope you enjoyed this read. Now go make some awesome infographics!


Vlogging to Increase Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Are you growing on Instagram? Many influencers of yesterday are finding themselves losing hundreds of followers a day.

However, if your an influencer and have over a million followers, this may seem like no big deal. However, when an account is dying slowly, engagement tends to suffer much faster than the follower count.

Instagram has been around for some time now, and there are so many different influencers in every niche. The issue is competition. These days, Instagram celebrities need to be Vlogging to establish a connection with their audience. Otherwise, they are just another person with tons of followers. Because your followers don’t have a personal connection with you, they are much more likely to become bored of your content, and unfollow you.

The reason why vlogging is so powerful is because it lets people see a side of you that they haven’t seen before. They see your day to day life, and that can make all the difference. They’ll see that they share more in common with you. They’ll see that you buy from the same Costco, or Sam’s Club. They’ll be able to relate to you, and that will build a personal connection they have with you and your brand.

This personal connection will serve as a huge benefit to your brand, because those that connect with you will not only like your content on Instagram, but also leave comments behind. If you’re familiar with the Instagram algorithm as of September 2017, you’ll know that the more engagement you have on your posts, the higher liklihood you’ll have to reach the explore page. Once you’re on the explore page, your image will show up to other Instagrammers that are engaging with similar content.

Although getting behind the camera isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely an advantage for the influencers that do as they will continuasly grow on Youtube, which will translate into higher Instagram growth. In addtion, it will make you more of an individual, rather than a Instagram star that nobody really knows. Next time you want to know your page or another influencer is doing, check their growth out with the tool.


Instagram Stories hit the web 2 years ago

Instagram stories are now available on the web. Yes, you read that right. You can now watch stories directly through your web browser.

The update has launched and gone into affect today, with users being able to view their following’s stories directly via the web. This marks a big day for Instagram users because we won’t need a phone to use Instagram. That’s a huge plus.

Instagram has not made any promises about uploading stories from the web, so you’ll have to hold tight for that. With that being said, it looks like Instagram is focusing on expanding their app into the web space for practicality reasons. However, some might aegue that this update is way overdue because Instagram does have over 400 million users.


How to Boost Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Growing your Inagram may seem like a struggle, but it shouldn’t be. There are ways to grow that don’t require all that much time.

Here are five methods you can use to maximize Instagram Growth.

  1. Investing in creating good content is important. For example, if you want to be a fashion influencer then investing in a good camera would be a must. If you’re a brand, investing some money into creating cool visuals like infographics is crucial.
  2. Purchasing Shoutouts: This method is basic, but people tend to overcomplicate it. If you’re selling basketballs, find a basketball page on Instagram that will sell you a post. It goes without saying that you need to include your Instagram username in the caption. Furthermore, the caption should either help describe your product, or draw the reader to read more on your website.
  3. Hire Influencers: Unlike buying shoutouts, hiring influencers costs more but has the potential to bring you a lot more attention. If you don’t know, Instagram influencers are popular people that endorse brands. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just buy your way to any influencer, nor should you. To achieve success with influencer marketing, you should find influencers that aline themselves with your brand. If they’re jumping from brand to brand, don’t work with them because they have shown they’re willing to share any brand with their followers as long as it means cash in their pocket.
  4. Use an Instagram Growth Service: Using an Instagram growth service can propel you into steady, consistent growth over time. Here at Millennial Marketers, we focus on growing accounts through manual engagement by interacting with our clients target audience for a select amount of time per day. By doing so, we drive traffic to client’s pages and are able to maximize their growth in this sector. With that being said, clients that are trying to grow over 3,000 followers monthly should not solely rely on a growth service as it should be supplemental to buying shoutouts utilizing influencer marketing.
  5. Aesthetics: Your profile’s design needs to be clean. Your profile should have a theme that distinguishes itself from other profiles. That way when you post, your content will be immediately recognized by your followers and they won’t miss it. When people first come across your account, they’ll see you have a beautiful photo grid with high quality content they haven’t seen anywhere else.  That leaves an impression, and will increase your follower conversion rate.

How to Grow Your Instagram – 5 Methods Explained

How To Use Instagram Ads 2 years ago

Using the Instagram Ad’s service can expose your content to a larger audience of previously untapped consumers. It’s a great way to promote your brand to new Instagrammers and gain followers.


To use the ad program, you’ll need to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook account. Doing this will enable you to actually create your ad using Power Editor on Facebook. Go to your settings within Facebook and click Instagram Ads and then Add An Account. Add your Instagram account and click confirm. Once you confirm the connection of your two accounts through e-mail you’re ready to begin.


You can create ads to run on Facebook using Power Editor and promote them on Instagram. You’ll choose from three objectives for your ad campaign from click to your website to mobile app installs and video views. Select the objective that you wish to complete with your advertisement. Then, you’ll want to be sure you target a relevant audience base. You can set your preferences by categories like location, interests, demographics, actions, and others. You can be as broad or as specific as you like, but keep in mind that you want to focus in on the specific people who have the highest potential to become customers of your brand.


Of course, the ability to promote your content to a wider audience comes at a cost, and understanding that cost is good business practice. Knowing the difference between your budget and your amount spent when setting up your Instagram ad is an important distinction. Your budget is the amount of money that you have decided to pay in order to run your ad for a specific period of time. You will set the budget for each set of advertisements you create. Another way to look at this concept is to understand that you aren’t paying for the ad or even the ability to publish your ad via Instagram’s platform. Instead, you’re letting Instagram know how much money you’re ready to pay them to show your ads users within your targeted demographic. The amount spent is the term given to the actual amount of money that you pay from the budgeted amount on the Instagram ad. You ideally want to spend most (or all) of your budget, because this means that your ad was shown to the maximum amount of Instagrammers whose demographics are relevant to your brand’s products or services.


There are further options within the Instagram Ads program that enable you to set the pace for the delivery of your ads at different costs based on your marketing campaign’s needs. Pacing your ad delivery is standard and generally delivers your ad at a steady rate to users over the timeline of your campaign. This delivery system maximizes results while keeping the cost down. By choosing the accelerate the delivery of your ad, your promotion will be delivered as quickly as possible, even if it means choosing speed of delivery over efficiency. Deciding whether your campaign is time-sensitive or if it relies more heavily on correctly targeting the right demographic will enable you to select the best delivery system for your marketing campaign.


Other costs it’s helpful to understand are performance costs like the click-through rate, cost per click, and cost per 1,000 impressions. The 2016 Nanigans Instagram Advertising Benchmark Report showed performance costs associated with the Instagram Ad program as follows:


Click through rate: 0.4 percent. This term denotes the percentage of people who see your ad and click it.


Cost per click: $1.41. This term indicates the amount of money you pay every time your ad is clicked by a potential customer, usually routing them to your website and product ordering information.


Cost per 1,000 impressions: $5.68. This indicates the amount of money it will cost you to present your ad to 1,000 Instagram users, regardless of what action they take upon the ad. In this case, they may view your ad but not click to reroute to your website and never buy anything from you, but you’re paying for the opportunity to showcase your ad to them.


The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2017 2 years ago

So you’re asking: “What is the best time to post on Instagram?”

We’ve found that the best time is between 9am to 12pm. This applies even if you’re located out of the United States. For example. if you’re a Russian fitness model and most of your followers are in Russia, then the best time would be between 9am to 12pm russian time. You can apply this same scenario with any country.

Now, if your account has followers globally… well, you’re out of luck! Just kidding, you’ll be able to post at the same time around 9am to 12pm. However, it’s vital that you post during these hours on Pacific Standard Time.

The goal of posting during those hours is quite simple. being able to reach out to your followers in all areas of the world. The majority of countries will still have some daylight left if you’re posting around 9am PST.

With all of that being said, remember to keep your posts high quality.

If you enjoyed reading this article, and are interested in using our Instagram Growth Service, feel free to click here.

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