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How To Play the Algorithm To Your Advantage - Don't Buy Followers

This article will change the way you view Instagram.
You MUST read to the end.

Reason #1: Buying followers shows you lack what it takes to earn them the real way.

 Everyone wants more followers. It’s something that has been molded into society. No matter where you’re from in the world, followers show credibility.
I like to call this a “cool factor” but buying them.. not so cool. In this 3 minute read, I’m going to change the way you think about Instagram, forever.

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Reason #2: Instagram will NUKE your engagement

You know.. all this talk about algorithms sure makes me question people’s common sense. I mean.. seriously?

If Instagram sees that a bunch of low quality, random accounts are all of a sudden following you.. they’re going to notice the pattern and they’re going to diminish your reach.

Why? Because you’re not adding any value to the platform in the first place, otherwise you’d be getting followers.

Because someone that understands how Instagram works, and what Instagram wants to see is going to try harder to gain followers the right way. Instagram isn’t stupid. 

Some of the best computer scientists work for the platform

and have developed algorithms that can easily sniff out if an account is genuinely liked by those that follow it.

Let me explain.

When someone posts on Instagram, Instagram will then show that post to your followers and let’s say you have 100 followers.

They’ll show it to the first 20 people, and if those 20 people like your post, they’ll show it to more. If you get 2 likes from those 20 people, Instagram is going to detect your post isn’t really that good.

Nonetheless, you’re still ok! The problem arises when you have posted enough times and every time Instagram show’s your post to your followers and nobody likes it..

well.. that’s when you’re screwed. It’s called intelligent segmenting, or as I like to call it, you get what you like. Now, I know you’re worried, but listen up. There’s a way to fix this, and it’s called posting with intent.


Here's a perfect example of intent from one of our client's, @MushuWeenie The caption matches the photo.

Mushu The Weenie Dragon
Mushu The Weenie Dragon@username
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Posting with intent involves strategically posting content that you know will get likes.

It’s an intuition thing, and no..

I can’t tell you what to post because your audience is unknown to me. I’m just a blogger, okay?

But what I can tell you is that your captions matter.

If you’re a personal account try posting captions that are witty and clever.

If you’re a brand, hell, try the same thing.

Comedy is one of the best things you can bring to the platform because it makes you stand out and makes you unique.

Now listen up, when Instagram show’s your post to your audience, you have one shot to get as much engagement from the people Instagram show’s your post to because now if you notice, whenever you open the app, something new is on the feed.

Meaning someone can accidentally refresh the page and your post is history. Gone. As if it never even existed.

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That is why you must post quality, and only quality, and only every so often. The old advice, post 3 times a day, is absolutely the worst thing you could do for your page.

Meaning someone can accidentally refresh the page and your post is history, gone, as if it never even existed.
I’ll be the first to tell you, nobody wants to see you post 21 times a week.. and guess what?

Instagram isn’t going to show your audience your post anyway. That’s why you must post every so often and post with intent.

Make every picture better than the last, and every caption more memorable than the last. That’s the only way you’ll increase your followers and get more engagement out of the platform.

That brings me to the last part of this read, engaging with your community.

Engage with Your Community, Just Do It..

Now that you know how Instagram works, which by the way, sets you apart from like 99% of the population.. we can get into the stuff that works starting with engaging with your audience.

Stop treating your following list like a permanent, it has to be this way number, and adopt a more  “I like your stuff, I’d like to keep up with you for a bit” mentality.

By doing so, you’ll unlock the massive benefits I’m about to share with you.


Start Following More People

No, I don’t mean spam following accounts. I mean genuinely taking the time to use Instagram and DISCOVER people.. wait.. isn’t that the point of Instagram?

Yes, it is. Yet, so few people actually do this. Nobody really goes through the app and tries to find accounts like their own..

Nobody really leaves positive comments behind. It’s all about “ME ME ME: on Instagram these days. “How can I benefit ME?” and that’s the wrong way to go about it.

Stop that. Don’t use Instagram like that. The best way I can put it is to become a beacon of positivity on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Comment on stuff you think is cool and show the account’s that you’ve found that you love their stuff! I’d recommend instead of mindlessly browsing around Instagram, use it to find other creators and people that would be interested in your content.

Now instead of paying to buy Instagram followers, you can hire us over at The Millennial Marketers, we basically save you hours of time engaging personally and do it for you. If that’s something you’re interested in just click here.

But there you have it, exactly what not to do vs. what to do when it comes to buying Instagram followers.

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Instagram Growth For Real Instagram Followers

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