Instagram Millionaires: How Instagram Influencers are Making Money 2 years ago


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Ever see those people on Instagram with massive followings, often posting selfies of themselves living a seemingly great life?
Many of those people are in fact social media influencers, and earn a living simply by posting ads on their Instagram pages. Do you remember seeing lots of people promoting fit teas on Instagram? How about detox teas? Gummy bears for optimal hair growth? The main point here is that by having lots of engaged followers, companies are going to approach you and ask you to endorse their product in exchange for cash.

Instagram has allowed companies of all types to emerge. The actual app, Instagram is worth billions of dollars. Now why is it worth that much? Obviously there’s a lot of reasons, but for the point of this article, we’re going to focus on what that means for you. There’s a lot of people on Instagram, specifically millennials. Companies can easily target the people they need. For example, let’s say you wanted to sell a special basketball. You could easily approach some basketball pages and contact them for a promotion. The promotion will be coming from a legit source, and people are likely going to be interested in basketball product.

Instagram has created it’s own platform for companies to interact with their customers, and sell their products to potentially interested prospects.

Now, what you decide to create on Instagram is up to you. But remember, there are profitable niches, and niches that won’t make you a single dime regardless of how many followers you have. Click here to learn more.

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