3 Apps Every Instagrammer Needs 2 years ago

Are you looking for apps that will help you create the best content? Look no further. We have the solutions.

1.Pic Lab

If you haven’t heard of PicLab then you’re missing out big time. PicLab is a user friendly mobile app that allows you to add fonts over your photos as well as a few other cool features. You can choose between dozens of fonts to find the perfect font design for your image. You can also edit the sizing and shading with this app. It’s definitely a great editing app to have in your arsenal.

2. EZ Watermark Pro

EZ Watermark pro allows you to add your logo directly to an image. It’s simple, quick and effective. This will help you distinguish your content from others because you will stand out with your branded photo. You’d be shocked at how many instagrammers neglect branding their images and content and that’s a huge problem.

3. Reddit

This one may surpirse you. Reddit is one of the best platforms out there to find content on. Here at Millennial Marketers, we highly advocate for creating the best content possible, and not all of us have only original content to post. So reposting content from reddit can be super beneficial! Just check out the subreddits in your niche, and check up on them daily. You can find tons of content just by going to the top posts for the year in a sub reddit, and searching through the most popular posts. You’re guarenteed to find repostable content!

For entrepreneurs, check out the entrepreneur subbredit and you’ll find great stories to repost, as well as other interesting content. Not only will you find content, but you will learn something new everyday from simply browsing through the posts. It astonishes us how many people neglect reddit. It truly is the front page of the internet.



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