How to Boost Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Growing your Inagram may seem like a struggle, but it shouldn’t be. There are ways to grow that don’t require all that much time.

Here are five methods you can use to maximize Instagram Growth.

  1. Investing in creating good content is important. For example, if you want to be a fashion influencer then investing in a good camera would be a must. If you’re a brand, investing some money into creating cool visuals like infographics is crucial.
  2. Purchasing Shoutouts: This method is basic, but people tend to overcomplicate it. If you’re selling basketballs, find a basketball page on Instagram that will sell you a post. It goes without saying that you need to include your Instagram username in the caption. Furthermore, the caption should either help describe your product, or draw the reader to read more on your website.
  3. Hire Influencers: Unlike buying shoutouts, hiring influencers costs more but has the potential to bring you a lot more attention. If you don’t know, Instagram influencers are popular people that endorse brands. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just buy your way to any influencer, nor should you. To achieve success with influencer marketing, you should find influencers that aline themselves with your brand. If they’re jumping from brand to brand, don’t work with them because they have shown they’re willing to share any brand with their followers as long as it means cash in their pocket.
  4. Use an Instagram Growth Service: Using an Instagram growth service can propel you into steady, consistent growth over time. Here at Millennial Marketers, we focus on growing accounts through manual engagement by interacting with our clients target audience for a select amount of time per day. By doing so, we drive traffic to client’s pages and are able to maximize their growth in this sector. With that being said, clients that are trying to grow over 3,000 followers monthly should not solely rely on a growth service as it should be supplemental to buying shoutouts utilizing influencer marketing.
  5. Aesthetics: Your profile’s design needs to be clean. Your profile should have a theme that distinguishes itself from other profiles. That way when you post, your content will be immediately recognized by your followers and they won’t miss it. When people first come across your account, they’ll see you have a beautiful photo grid with high quality content they haven’t seen anywhere else.  That leaves an impression, and will increase your follower conversion rate.

How to Grow Your Instagram – 5 Methods Explained

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Interesting read… I think that aesthetics and investing in good content are very important as they go hand in hand. Thanks for the info!!

Wow this helped me so much with my Instagram. Thanks for the blog post, keep posting!

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