How Gymshark used Influencer Marketing to accelerate their Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Gymshark is one of the most well known fitness brands in the social media world.
However, they weren’t able to accomplish this feat without using influencer marketing to maximize their Instagram growth. Influencer marketing has become one of the most viable sources of promoting a brand. The best part is, it’s affordable (sometimes). In Gymshark’s case, they signed a few influencers to get started. The first influencers Nikki Blackketer and Lex Griffin, started it all. They began representing themselves as Gymshark athletes, who wore the brand exclusively. This increased Gymshark’s brand awareness tremendously.  From this point on Gymshark continued to acquire new faces to represent their brand.

The way they used influencer marketing isn’t special, in fact, anyone could do it. First, they would find a person with a loyal following. Next, they ensured the person was right for the brand. After, they’d reach out and sponsor the athlete. In return the athlete would wear Gymshark and post about the brand publicly on social media, as well as insert a reference to their relationship with Gymshark in their Instagram bio which had an Instagram growth acceleration effect on both the influencer and the brand.

Eventually, sales increased as Gymshark grew and more people started wanting to wear the brand because they saw their favorite fitness Instagrammers wearing and representing Gymshark.

That allowed Gymshark to sign more people that fit their brand, and continue pushing their brand to the loyal fitness audiences that these influencers had.

The overarching message here is that utilizing influencers to represent your brand is necessary. The key is to find people who’s ideas and values align with your brand. Us Millennial Marketers wanted to discuss this because not everyone is using influencer marketing to their advantage. The smartest way to go about hiring an influencer is through finding a new face, and tracking their growth. The strategy is to look for up and coming talent. That way, if you sign them while they’re at 100k followers they may double, triple, or quadruple their followers while still being in contract with your business!

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