Here's Why Instagram is a Better Platform Than Snapchat for Marketing 1 year ago

Let’s face it, Snapchat is dying. With bad update after bad update, and the final punch to
the gut with Snapchat’s redesign, Snapchat has been killed off. To make matters worse
for Snapchat, Instagram is thriving. Instagram has chosen to listen to its users follow the
path that millennials are on, creating updates that are relevant, easy to use, and helpful.
Instagram is slowly becoming the ultimate marketing platform, here’s why.

If you want to start a clothing brand, you can do it off Instagram. Instagram has given the
ability for users to go to an online shop through a link on the post itself. Someone
interested in your account just has to scroll through your posts, see which one he/she
likes, click on the post, and they are instantly sent to your shop to purchase the item.

With Snapchat, you don’t have any options even close to that, let alone a profile.

Back with Instagram, you have the ability to advertise instantly, and you have numerous paths to choose. You
can post a picture or video, something that will stay relevant consistently, or you can
post something on your Instagram story that will be relevant for the day. If you want it to
be faster than that, through one click of a button you can be streaming live instantly to
everyone that follows you. With so many avenues to choose from, it is amazing top
companies aren’t jumping onto the platform sooner.

The time to act is now. Everyone still has the ability to use the powerful tool that is
Instagram to market their business they are trying to start up. However, not everyone can afford to pay upwards of a dollar per click. That’s why we’re here to help. We drive traffic to your page by just engaging with people in your niche. We build connections, foster relationships through liking, and allow you to get traffic for a great price.  Anyone has the opportunity
to become successful through the use of Instagram. If  you’re a new company just starting
out, with our help, you have the ability to grow organically and efficiently. Getting yourself  in front of the millions of users on Instagram and potential clients  giving you the power of Instagram, right at your fingertips with a great team to back you.

Until next time,

The Millennial Marketers

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