Instagram Infographics: The Best Content on Instagram 2 years ago

Everyone Says Content is King..It is (with Infographics)

The issue is, not many people understand what it takes to create good content anymore. The days of throwing a caption over a pretty picture are behind us. That’s so 2014. If you’re trying to really improve your content, try investing some money into Instagram infographics. The best resource available to create an infographic would be through Fiverr, an online marketplace where you can hire talent for a great price.

The reason why posting Infographics on Instagram will boost your Instagram growth, and increase your engagement is because they haven’t been seen before. It is brand new content that is customized to your page. Infographics combine text, with images to create a picture that tells a story. It’s an attractive way to get your points across, and makes for a pleasurable viewing experience.

Instagram infographics do come at a cost though, with some ranging from $5 – $20 for a single graphic. However, the more you pay, the better the design will be which will ultimately give you better content. Due to the fact that it can be quite expensive, we recommend throwing at least one infographic into your weekly posting routine. You’ll notice the benefits immediately. Not only will you gain more engagement, but people may even repost your content. When that happens, things turn from good to great. Why? Because you’ve not only captivated your audience but you have also made such a great impression that they are willing to share it with their friends directly through their own Instagram page. Usually, you’ll have them tag you as well, which drives more traffic to your page and that equals more followers.

If you need help getting creative before jumping into the infographic game, we recommend the “5 Steps” or “5 Ways” approach. You can list 5 things your company does to help clients, or 5 steps to achieving something, perhaps the 5 steps your company takes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction! With that being said, we hope you enjoyed this read. Now go make some awesome infographics!


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