Vlogging to Increase Instagram Growth 2 years ago

Are you growing on Instagram? Many influencers of yesterday are finding themselves losing hundreds of followers a day.

However, if your an influencer and have over a million followers, this may seem like no big deal. However, when an account is dying slowly, engagement tends to suffer much faster than the follower count.

Instagram has been around for some time now, and there are so many different influencers in every niche. The issue is competition. These days, Instagram celebrities need to be Vlogging to establish a connection with their audience. Otherwise, they are just another person with tons of followers. Because your followers don’t have a personal connection with you, they are much more likely to become bored of your content, and unfollow you.

The reason why vlogging is so powerful is because it lets people see a side of you that they haven’t seen before. They see your day to day life, and that can make all the difference. They’ll see that they share more in common with you. They’ll see that you buy from the same Costco, or Sam’s Club. They’ll be able to relate to you, and that will build a personal connection they have with you and your brand.

This personal connection will serve as a huge benefit to your brand, because those that connect with you will not only like your content on Instagram, but also leave comments behind. If you’re familiar with the Instagram algorithm as of September 2017, you’ll know that the more engagement you have on your posts, the higher liklihood you’ll have to reach the explore page. Once you’re on the explore page, your image will show up to other Instagrammers that are engaging with similar content.

Although getting behind the camera isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely an advantage for the influencers that do as they will continuasly grow on Youtube, which will translate into higher Instagram growth. In addtion, it will make you more of an individual, rather than a Instagram star that nobody really knows. Next time you want to know your page or another influencer is doing, check their growth out with the SocialBlade.com tool.


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